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The Eternal Bliss Journey

All throughout my younger years I was a partier. I would drink until I couldn't remember, and wake up the next day and do it all over again. I knew I wanted something better for myself, so I moved to Portland, OR, thinking that would fix all my problems. Turned out that wasn't the case. I ended up going even deeper into the blackhole that I was in. I felt this deep emptiness within. It took hitting rock bottom to realize I needed to do something with my life that would make me feel good about being alive. Something that could change my life and others for the better, and that is how I found massage therapy. 

After about a week of meditating, sitting with this idea, and a little bit of research, I decided I wanted to become a massage therapist. I went on a walk with some friends near the Colombia River in North Portland where I ran into a woman who had this wondrously warm and welcoming energy about her. She felt like home and I just met her walking by. After a short introduction and a few words, we all ended up spending the day together sharing about our lives and all that we had been through and where we were going. That is when I learned that this magical woman had just become a massage therapist and was also a Reiki Master, which I had been very curious about at that time. She ended up sharing her knowledge and wisdom with me and helping me take my first steps down the path of becoming a massage therapist.

A couple days later I was cleaning out the garage and going through past residents unwanted and left behind items as I found a mint condition Earthlite® Massage Table!! After asking everyone in the house if they knew whose it was and looking for any information on the table, the owner of the house said that it was meant to be and that I could have it. I couldn't believe it. I felt this moment of complete cosmic alignment and overwhelming gratitude. For once in my life, I felt I had found my calling and the stars were aligning. 


A couple weeks later I attended orientation at the prestigious East West College of Healing Arts, where I graduated with honors and gained an extensive and elaborate education. From there I had many struggles as most people do embarking on a new journey, and after lots of research, hard work, dedication, laughter, tears, feelings of empowerment and self doubt, lots of support and amazing guidance, I am now taking the next steps as a licensed massage therapist, and I am starting my own practice, so I can extend my knowledge, love and warmth to the everyday working bodies that need it! Which is everyone!! Self love is so important, so come and indulge in yourself because you deserve it and experience the bliss at Eternal Bliss Therapeutics! 

- Kristin Bradley (Dec. 2018)

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

-By Albert Einstein 

“The real purpose of giving a massage is
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