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Experience the Bliss

Portland Cannabis Lovers

 Get Blissed Bundle


The Get Blissed Massage consists of:

  • a cannabis infused, hemp seed oil sugar scrub that exfoliates the skin

  • an anti-inflammatory, cannabis infused clay mask that has a delicious mixture of spices that are also very good for inflammation, and circulation.

  • cannabis infused oil

  • hot towels

  • and massage techniques tailored to fit your needs. 

All products are made with the holistic approach of whole plant medicine in order to amplify the potential benefits through what is known as the entourage effect. This means there is CBD and THC, as well as other terpens, in the cannabis oil (click links to learn why). 


The combination of the massage techniques, and the medicinal properties of the cannabis, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, relieves tension, nourishes the skin and helps the body to function optimally. Clients leave feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and with a feeling of eternal bliss! :) 

This special offer includes a bundle of three, 60 minute sessions for $220!!! Act now for this offer is only good for the first 20 people who purchase and book their first appointment!! Check Eternal Bliss Therapeutics website to learn more about us. Click the button bellow to sign up and book your first appointment!!



*You will have the option to either pre-pay online, pay in person, or buy a gift certificate for a special person in your life. Only one offer per person (you can get one bundle for yourself and one bundle for someone else in the form of a gift card). If you have any further questions please email

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