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Signature Massage: $100/60min. | $150/90min. | $200/120min.

A customized massage tailored to the client’s specific needs. After a thorough intake, Kristin designs a massage that incorporates techniques from a combination of different massage modalities, such as; Ashiatsu, deep tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular trigger point therapy, structural integration, and table Thai & Yoga. Pressure can range from moderate, to deep and is always modified to the client’s preference. Clients’ will also have the option of oils including, regular, essential oil infused, or Cannabis infused. The combination of creating a safe, relaxing, and comfortable environment, and tailoring every detail to the client’s exact wants and needs, leaves people feeling less stress, anxiety, pain and discomfort, and they walk away with an increase in their overall quality of life. *cost reflects prepaid or payment at time of service 

Ashiatsu Massage: $100/60min. | $150/90min. | $200/120min.

Ashiatsu is a western adaptation of barefoot massage that were inspired by ancient forms of Eastern barefoot techniques. The word Ashiatsu symbolizes "foot pressure" as the root of the two words Ashi and Atsu are foot & pressure. Kristin will utilize her bodyweight and bare feet to apply a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage. Gravitational force is combined with centrifugal and centripetal movements. Parallel bars are used above the therapists head for support, balance, and client safety. This type of massage will induce deep relaxation, decrease pain and inflammation and create structural change in chronic soft tissue damage. This is a great massage for anyone who likes deep work, or someone who can't seem to find anyone who can work deep enough! *cost reflects prepaid or payment at time of service 

Swedish Relaxation Massage: $100/60min. | $150/90min. | $200/120min.

Swedish massage is a type of massage therapy that’s primarily known for its relaxation effects. Kristin uses Swedish techniques like effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction and vibration with long slow and flowing movements to activate relaxation, and increase circulation. This type of massage has many health benefits for the physical, mental and emotional parts of our being. Taking your everyday fight or flight response into a mode of rest and relaxation allows healing beyond the physical. Massage oils, hot towels, and essential oils are used to enhance relaxation. Pressure can range from light, moderate and firm, and is always tailored to the client's preference. *cost reflects prepaid or payment at time of service 

Car Accidents & Work Injury Massage

This massage service incorporates multiple modalities, tailored to treat musculoskeletal conditions as prescribed by a physician for rehabilitation relating to injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision or workplace accident. This includes evaluation, ongoing assessments, clinical documentation, a team-based approach to case management in collaboration with referring providers, and we do the insurance billing for you.

  • For work injury claims or motor vehicle injury claims, please contact us for further details at



Get Blissed Experience: $25

Starts off with cannabis infused, hemp seed oil sugar scrub that exfoliates the skin, and is followed by hot towels. Then a warm anti-inflammatory cannabis infused clay mask is applied and then followed by hot towels. We finish with the signature massage using the cannabis infused oil. All products are made with the holistic approach of whole plant medicine in order to amplify the potential benefits through what is known as the entourage effect. This means there is both THC and CBD in the cannabis oil (click links to learn more). The combination of the massage and the medicinal properties of the CBD reduces inflammation, increases circulation, relieves tension, nourishes the skin and helps the body to function optimally. Clients leave feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and with a feeling of eternal bliss! :) 

  • This all can be done cannabis free as well. The extra cost goes towards my preparation time, products, and time of actual service. I do not charge extra for cannabis oil as I believe its benefits are so amazing that everyone should use it!

Hot Stone Massage: $25

We use smooth basalt stones that are heated and used during the massage as an extension of the therapist's hands. The use of applied heat to alter the temperature of the body for healing is a technique of long-standing benefit. The roots of this healing therapy can be sourced back to many ancient cultures including the Native Americans. The use of hot stones increases blood and lymph flow throughout the whole body, which boosts the immune system, oxygenates muscles and the brain, releases toxins and moves stagnation and the flow of energy throughout the whole body. This type of massage has been shown to provide great benefit to people with fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders. The combined effect of massage and hot stone therapy prompts a state of enhanced relaxation that washes away stress and sets the stage for re-energizing and rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit.


“My Mission is to provide beneficial, thorough body work, using a deep understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, honed skills and techniques from an array of different modalities, intuition and communication. I believe that if everybody received a massage just once a month, the world would be a better place, and I want to make that difference one body at a time”


** All gift certificates expire in 1 year**

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